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Why Choose The Ohio State University?

Tutoring Services

The top three priorities for our cadets are acadmics, academics, and academics. We are highly concerned with our cadets' success, not only in Air Force ROTC, but also in their success as a college academic. Thus, we make every effort to ensure they can succeed. That is where our tutoring program comes into play. We are very fortunate here at Ohio State to be able to provide tutors to cadets free of charge. This benefit is something that you will not find at many other universities across the nation, so when you get here, be sure to take advantage of this amazing program.

Priority Placement

Cadets at Ohio State are able to schedule for classes before most of their peers, which is a huge advantage due to the speed at which classes fill up each semester.

Cadet Camaraderie

Many of our cadets would say that being a part of Air Force ROTC is like being in a fraternity or sorority. We instill a Wingman mentality in our cadets from the beginning of their ROTC experience that sticks with them throughout their career in AFROTC, as well as in their careers as active duty officers in the world's greatest Air Force and Space Force. Visit one of our cadet experience pages to learn about recent cadet experiences regarding camaraderie and our Wingman concept.

Text: Air Force ROTC