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Why Scabbard and Blade?

Scabbard and Blade AU13
The 2013 M Company poses outside Converse Hall with the Brutus statue.
By: Cadet John Schaub

As an AFROTC cadet at Ohio State, you have a vast array of extracurricular activities available to you to help you grow as a future Air Force officer. Few give you the opportunity to work closely with those from the other armed services. Working well with your fellow military members will be critical to your career success, as the military works closer with each other than it ever has before.

As a Scabbard and Blade Pledge, we will work to help you grow as a confident leader, who is able to work well under stress and in environments not typically seen in AFROTC training. We teach confidence in leadership by teaching and developing you to be able to lead in combat situations. You will be taught basic combat skills such as formations, moving under fire, navigation, weapon discipline, and first aid. Beyond learning these skills, you will join your battle buddies and wingmen in weekly PT, to help reinforce the importance of teamwork and motivation.

At the end of the pledge process, your knowledge will be evaluated in a Field Training Exercise(FTX). In the FTX, you and your team will be thrown in a simulated combat environment and have to react quickly and confidently to a variety of situations, many of them under fire. In addition, your bond as a team will be tested in a Ruck Challenge, where you and your team must work together to make it through a ruck march like no other.

Upon successful completion of these, you will join the ranks of the Active Members. As an Active, you can now join in on exciting outings like paintball and gun range visits. You get
the opportunity to help tach the Pledges the skills you learned and act as their evaluators and enemies in the FTX. The joint environment we foster in Scabbard and Blade provides a unique opportunity for you to get outside your comfort level and work with the best ROTC has to offer at Ohio State.