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drill team bball
The Centurion Drill Team performs a color guard before the annual AFROTC Commisssioning Ceremony.


By: Cadet Eurella Vest

The Centurion Drill Team is a select team of high-performing cadets dedicated to the skilled execution of precision drill. It strives to develop skilled and disciplined Air Force cadets while serving the public as a precision military drill unit.

The Centurion Drill Team has been an Ohio State tradition for decades. Consistent throughout its history is the consideration of only the highest caliber cadets for acceptance on the team.The team provides The Detachment with its most successful cadets and leaders. Cadets seeking acceptance onto the team must be dedicated to service and excellence in all that they do. They must learn how to overcome adversity and push themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. In accordance with these standards, all Drill Team members are required to maintain excellent academic standing and score at least a 97 on the Air Force Fitness Assessment.

Within the realm of drill, the Centurion Drill Team performs in three major areas: ceremonial color guards, sabre arches and exhibition drill competitions. On average, the team performs 20 - 25 color guards per academic year, along with several summer events. Presenting the American and U.S. Air Force flags is both an honor and a privilege. Our presence functions as a disciplined and proud representation of the greatest Air Force in the World.

In the late spring, the team stands proud in front of the Wing at Dining Out. It welcomes the Official Party and presents the graduating seniors for the final time before they commission as Second Lieutenants with two prestigious sabre arches. The team performs sabre arches for other events including weddings and retirement ceremonies as well.

The team also travels around the country to perform at exhibition drill competitions. These events bring universities together from all over the United States to compete in flight drill, color guards, two-man trick routines, rifle drill, innovative drill, and more. The team prepares months in advance for upcoming competitions. Countless hours are dedicated to polishing difficult routines involving rifle spinning, throwing, and complicated drill routines in preparation for performances planned and executed by the Director of Active Training. The Centurion Drill Team performs well under pressure and excels in competition.

Drill Team members achieve success both in their personal lives and in the Air Force ROTC program. They embark on their Active Duty careers with confidence, leadership, and integrity. Being a member of the team instills in cadets compassion for their fellow wingmen, courage in the face of hardship and excellence in every situation; qualities that will carry them through their military and civilian lives.

Do You Have What it Takes?

The pledge process to become a Centurion is extremely demanding. The process will take pledges mentally, emotionally, and physically beyond any experience offered in the standard AFROTC program. The rigor required of you will grow and shape you as a cadet and a leader, and the bonds you form with your fellow pledges will stay with you throughout your years at Detachment 645 and into your active duty life. Those who choose to accept the challenge should not do so lightly, but by persevering through this process, they will never again be content with mediocrity.

For more information about membership or the activities of Centurion Drill Team at Ohio State, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..