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1dk run resized By Cadet Eric Myeroff 
The mission of 1 Day for the K.I.A. is to keep the essence of fallen service members alive.  We accomplish this mission through our Living Legacy Scholarship Endowment, the first ever student funded endowment in Ohio State history. The Living Legacy Scholarship is given to the children, siblings, or spouses of a service member who has been killed in action, missing in action, held as prisoner of war, or 100% disabled to attend The Ohio State University.  This scholarship is primarily funded through an annual 24-Hour Endurance Race held on the Oval. We keep the fallen member alive by facilitating the growth of their child so they may live successful lives spreading the values their parents exemplified.

1 Day for the K.I.A. consists of Ohio State students, most of whom are R.O.T.C. cadets from all branches. Although the project was started primarily to serve a population and a cause we have a heartfelt connection to, we are also excited for the leadership and business learning opportunities that come with operating a non-profit organization.

For the cadet who wishes to create a real difference in the world, learn about the true tragedies of war, and apply their ROTC-learned leadership skills, contact the 1 Day for the K.I.A. commander to see how you can help, or visit our website for more information!