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The Tools to Succeed

Along with our commitment to academic success, we care deeply about developing well-balanced officers who excel in all facets of their personhood. There are many resources available to enable cadet success.

Focusing on Building the "Whole Person"


  • Computers for cadet use, each running Windows 10 and current Microsoft Office software
  • Networked laser printers, with free printing for all cadets (one of the only places on campus with free printing)
  • Dedicated "Study Tables" hours with professional tutoring services paid for by the Detachment, four nights per week
  • Within easy walking distance to several OSU libraries and the Academic Core


  • Ideally situated between the Recreation and Physical Activities Center and Jesse Owens North recreation centers


  • Close to several dorm towers, dining facilities, and off-campus apartment complexes
  • Shared academic majors and minors between many cadets provide ready-made study groups

Even More Support

In addition to "Study Tables" at the Detachment, we pay for academic tutors at other locations around the university.