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Opening Doors to a College Education

Air Force ROTC scholarships can provide a critical measure of reassurance as you enter or continue your college education. Scholarship funding can be a helpful benefit that lets you focus on your studies and AFROTC while still being able to have the social connections that lead to a well-balanced college experience.


There are typically three chances for any student to compete for a scholarship.  First, when you are in high school you can apply for the High School Scholarship Program (link below) starting the summer after your junior year.  

If you missed that opportunity, there are two chances to compete for an In-College Scholarship as a cadet.  One chance is during your freshman year and the second chance is during your sophomore year.  

It is important to understand that all AFROTC scholarships are merit based and each student will compete nationally against his or her peers for a potential scholarship. 

Incentives for Academic Excellence

All cadets in good standing, taking at least 15 semester hours, can earn up to $500 in Academic Excellence Awards for term GPAs of 3.2 or higher every semester.  Additionally, Ohio State offers various merit based scholarships to new in-state and out-of-state freshmen with qualifying ACT or SAT scores. More information regarding these scholarships--such as deadlines, FAFSA requirements, renewal criteria, and ACT/SAT scores--is available from OSU Merit Scholarships.

Further Resources

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