Honors and Scholars

By: Cadet Kaitlyn Berthy, Class of 2013
  cadet berthy hs
Cadet Kaitlyn Berthy (second from left) enjoys some well deserved time off at Disneyland.

Balancing the time demands of ROTC on top of the rigorous coursework of the Honors program has been an interesting--and sometimes difficult--experience. Since you often have to take the Honors version of courses (which means that more is expected out of you in terms of work and quality of work), you have to be prepared to commit a good deal of your time to school in order to succeed. One thing that has really helped me is proper time management, which has saved me time and again when it comes to balancing Honors coursework and ROTC. Another thing that has helped me has been treating all three components of ROTC as part of a single class. That is, I consider Physical Training and Leadership Laboratory to simply be an extension of Air Science, and thus put in the same amount of time for all three components just like I would for any other class. My biggest advice would be to research what being in the Honors program entails. I definitely signed up before doing research, which meant I was blindsided and wasn't initially prepared to handle Honors requirements and workload on top of learning everything about ROTC.