Honors and Scholars

By: Cadet T. Christian Landreth, Class of 2012

I am a member of the Politics, Society and Law Scholars Program (PSL). Being involved in both organizations has been extremely beneficial to me. As a PSL member, I have had the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC and Chicago, meet a variety of public officials from Congressmen to FBI officers, network with influential community leaders and engage in community service activities like Habitat for Humanity. I have never had to sacrifice PSL for ROTC or vice-versa. PSL meetings are generally on Tuesday evenings, with extra activities sometimes available on the weekends. I wanted to attend Ohio State because of the endless possibilities that are available to students, and ROTC and PSL are a part of that. As a scholar, I have received priority scheduling during my four years of college, which has helped me graduate on time, while also being able to work during my first two years of college. Along with being in ROTC, PSL has been a great resume booster that has not only helped me obtain internships, but also was a huge talking point during my Judge Advocate General (JAG) interview, which I ultimately was accepted into.

Bottom line is, doing both is more than doable, as I have been in PSL, ROTC, worked 20 hours a week and participated in intramurals all at the same time while maintaining a stellar grade point average. Another advantage is the $350 scholarship I get PER QUARTER from PSL. Additionally, because I am on scholarship with ROTC, which means I get a $350 check at the beginning of each quarter to use as necessary in addition to my stipend, book money and tuition being paid in full.