Honors and Scholars

By: Cadet Daniel Myers, Class of 2013

As a first-year OSU student, I was enrolled in both AFROTC and the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Scholars program. Initially, I had some conflicting time requirements between the two organizations, but my Scholars adviser, was lenient and understanding about the fact that AFROTC took precedence. As a general rule however, the two organizations seldom interfered with one another. ENR Scholars met only once a week, usually to take a brief trip or listen to a guest lecturer, and otherwise had a negligible time commitment. If you are considering doing a Scholars program, I would highly encourage it. Not only do you get a class scheduling priority over other students, you get to meet and live with people who share your interests in whatever program you pursue.

You do not normally have to major in a related field to apply to a particular Scholars program. I joined ENR Scholars as a history major, simply because I liked the concept. If you happen to be studying something related however, you will conveniently be living in a residence hall with lots of other students taking the same classes, which can be beneficial. As an added bonus, Scholars students typically live on north campus, much closer to Converse Hall where ROTC cadets spend a lot of time. Doing Scholars and ROTC is a little bit of a balancing act, but no more than college in general. With proper time management, you can pursue a variety of interests at OSU and you should. In order to have a truly fulfilling experience, it is important to take advantage of the endless opportunities that Ohio State has to offer.